Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ready to Play?

Princess the Pit Bull at tagged us to play a game! What I have to do is go to the My Pictures folder and pick the 6th folder in there. Then I have to pick the sixth picture out of that folder and post it, telling the story about it. I also get to pick 5 friends to play too!

This is Spuds and a girl doggie who's name escapes me. We haven't seen her again since this picture was taken!

This was taken in 2006- I've had my computer since 2005 hahaha.
Spuds was 2 years old. A church right down the street from where we live had fireworks every year, so of course we went and took Spuds! Our friend lives pretty much right next door to the church so after parking we walked over to his house to sit on the lawn and some of our other friends we knew from highschool just happened to be there. They also brought their dog, and Spuds LOOVVESSSS playing with girl dogs. He's a little iffy with boy dogs, but loves any girl. So, Spuds got a new friend and we got to watch the fireworks. Perfect summer night :)

The 5 friends I pick are:



Life With Dogs

Stella & Roo

the dogfathers

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Every since Ozzy got exposure to the blog he hasn't been the same. He keeps insisting he's a dog and deserves more time on the blog...

I like my head scratched

And scratch myself too!

I cuddle with my human

and play with toys.

Even tho I don't play well with humans because of the size difference, her sweater is my playground, so I think I'm related to the "toy" breeds


Then he started walking around on the floor. He wanted me to let you know his wings aren't clipped.

You really should potty train me lady (notice the...accessory...under his bum)


Look at my claws...err... I mean nails!

If birds gave evil looks this would be it.

And this would be his innocent face :)

Wake up Oz! We aren't done with the blog post yet!

What? This is a lot of work, maybe I'm not a dog after all...

These last three pics in this post were actually really cool to take. Ozzy seems to like the camera. The closer I put it to his face the better he "posed." Birds tend to like shiny things so I think he likes the lens or the flash because he just kept staring right at the camera! It was cool considering he's afraid of everything.

Bye everybody! What is your vote- am I bird or dog? I know it's a hard call to make...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heavy Topics

The Three Musketeers: Spuds laying parallel to my leg, Shadow sitting up, and Kado...well...being Kado.

(Note: Never wear anything dark around a white dog as his fur will end up all over you and very obvious!! Exhibit A of this below)

This is how I like to see dogs. This is one reason I love them. They are humans' companions, content to do whatever it is that you're content to do. This is a happy picture, a positive way to see dogs.

I don't think Pitbulls can be classified as dangerous simply because of being born, and hope one day every shelter will think the same.

Some shelters near the area where I live will not adopt out Pitbulls. I will say shelters who won't adopt out Pitbulls around here sometimes allow rescue groups to take them, sometimes. I don't like entering shelters like this because every time I've been there, there have been several Pitbulls there, all looking at me with that helpless look in their eyes, waiting to be saved. I once decided to ask if I could walk one, not to adopt her, but simply to give her human interaction and some fun time outside. I walk to the man at the desk and give him the number of the cage with the dog I'd like to walk. He grabs a leash and I follow him to the cage. As he rounds the corner and sees the dog, he says "Ohh noo. She can't come out. She's great with humans but doesn't like dogs. Typical Pitbull," he muttered as he walked away. This dog was euthanized for being a dog. Not a Pitbull, but a dog. Countless dogs, regardless of breed, don't get along with other dogs, just as not all humans get along. I decided I could still give her attention even if she had to stay in the cage. As I crouched near the door of the cage, she stayed curled up in the back corner, her head down but tail fluttering as if not sure whether or not she can trust me. After a few seconds she stands up, her butt and tail wiggling and her head down in a submissive manner. She wiggles up to the front where I am and just stands there, excited and scared at the same time. I put my hand up to her, not through the cage. She sniffs it and her tail wags even faster, and she begins to whine. As I scratch her head through the bars and give her extra treats I notice that it looks like she has recently had a litter of pups. Did someone simply use her for puppies and then abandon her to die here? I can't stand to be in a place that would kill this sweet scared dog because of it's breed, and I leave.

This story came to mind because just minutes ago I was watching the news and they reported a dog bite. The dog was reported as a "Pitbull X Mastiff" mix. Why does it matter what kind of dog it was? If this dog didn't look like a Pitbull (which is usually what reporters go by, looks, so if the dog is Brindle or big with a boxy head or a mutt that resembles something like a pitbull, they more often than not say pitbull whether or not it ends up being a Bull dog or Presa Canario or Mastiff or Boxer or Lab mix or Heinz 51 mutt). Why is it so important that we know the breed when what really matters is who owns this dog? Where are the ownes? Did they train it to be mean to others? Are they mistreating the dog to induce aggression or fear? Have they taken adequate care and ensured food and water? Has the dog been loose for days and famished? Are there any patterns to show that whatever breed this dog was is more often looked at as a guard dog and therefore more often bought and misused for the wrong reasons?

I have a feed on my blog page for KC Dog Blog. Check it out- He shows countless stories of dog attacks on the news falsly reporting that a Pitbull was the breed of dog that attacked, among other very good information.
News stations sometimes end up correcting their report, but usually on their website where the majority of people who heard the original report will never know the truth. There are news reports of Pitbulls "running up to a camera guy and then running away" without ever doing anything to anyone. Why is that worth reporting? The media knows what sells, and they use the "Pitbull" angle to their advantage. While I understand it's their mode of business, this is really causing an unfair outcome in the minds of so many people. So many peoples' opinions are made based un innacurate or worthless news stories. Why can't our news look at the real problem, the questions posed above? More and more dogs will just continue to die only for looking a certain way if accurate information and helpful laws are not passed.

I've just been reading so many stories with "heavy topics" lately that I feel like I can't read anymore of them. Sometimes I just have to take a few days and not read anymore stories of dogs being abused or falsy reported, etc. Sometimes, I just need to read something light and fun. It creates a balance for all the devastating stories out there. That's where all of you come in. Thanks to all the blogs I read who are able to brighten my day and make me laugh :) And thank you to all the blogs and websites who are willing to report the devastating stories that need to be heard and seen in order to make a difference.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School's Out For Summer

My job is largely based in the school systems, so in the summer I get cut down to 15 hours a week. So in short, I have some extra time on my hands. I woke Maggie up last night to try some portrait photos. I don't think she was up for it...

Don't wake me up!

NOT opening my eyes.

Can you take portraits while I lay on your blanket?

Peek-a-boo. This works, right?

Heyyy, you lookin' at me? I've played nice, now get the camera out of my face!

Yawwwwnnn, Goodnight.

Before she went to sleep, however, she had time for Mad Scientist Maggie to show herself.

Bahahahahhahaa! *Evil Laugh*

And she also had a Faux-hawk!

Since she wasn't much up for pics last night, I tried again today. This time Kasey joined for portrait time too.

Hey Sis, Are we getting treats for this?

If not, I'm hiding under the toilet.

They decided they'd have a strike. I never even got a chance to say whether or not I was giving them anything!

Please doG, let Blog Lady give us treats?

Maggie tried a not so nice approach...
Give us treats, now.

Longing for treats. Is there treat deprivation depression?

I'm goin' to sleep. This is boring.


What's so great about this whole portrait thing anyway?

Uhhh, blog lady? Can we be done now?
OK, fine. We're done. But as a closing quiz to the readers, Maggie wants to know which paw is Kasey's head resting on? Because I'm really not sure.

It almost looks like her back foot. That can't be comfortable!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Who Are These Dogs, Anyways?

I'd like to share a little bit about how all these dogs have a part in my life, and where they came from as well.


and Kyla are sisters. They are Border Collie X Lab mixes, and most of the time act more like the classic lab...but sometimes that Border Collie definately shows in them! They are my parents' dogs. I like to call my stepmom the dog guru, even if she doesn't think so. One reason I call her this is because she drove (with my company!) to Detroit just to rescue these buggers from a shelter. I don't know why they ended up there, but when we picked them up they weren't much more than 8 weeks old (I can't remember the exact age, it was 4 years ago!). As we were walking out of the shelter, a pup in each hand, a family with a little girl about 4 or 5 years old asked, "Is that cuddles and cutie?" (I think those were they're "original" names...) and in the excitement I say "YEA!" The parents ensure the girl that there would be other dogs... :/

Maggie is also my parents' dogs. Her story is special. She's been with the family for just a couple years now, I think she's between 2-3 years old. She was found roaming around the neighborhood with a boy dog, and another lady where we live is involved in rescue. She took both of the dogs in, and my stepmom offered to be a foster mom for Maggie. It just wasn't that easy- Maggie was skin and bones. At first we thought she was probably just malnurished, but soon found that she wouldn't eat much, and threw up a lot. She also had what seemed like constant diahrrea. Because my parents already had several dogs sleeping in their room at the time, I offered to let Maggie sleep with me. Although my stepmom took on the battle of nursing her back to health (with Vet's assistance, of course!) I will say I have never cleaned up as much bloody diahrrea in my life. There were actually times where she would just poop blood until you could see more piles of it than the actual floor (wood floor!). Charming, right?

Seeing her in such bad shape, and so much blood, some nights I was worried she just wouldn't get better. Eventually my stepmom had to tell the vet to keep her until she would at least eat- there was nothing she could do to help Maggie at home. In the end, she had some kind of bad bacteria, they got her better, and she's as eccentric as ever today!!! Needless to say the foster dog became a permanant one...after being there with her through so much I don't think any of us wanted to see her go.

What's funny about Maggie is when she was sick I thought she was the "perfect" dog- mellow, never getting into anything, etc. When she was at 100% health, she enjoyed rummaging my purse at night for the syrup covered money I got waitressing at Bob Evans...grr.

And this is Smiley, from the last blog post. Everyone calls her that because the black around her mouth makes her seem like she always has a little grin on her face. Her real name is Belle, which I think is a beautiful name.

Honestly, I have no idea what her story is. She is my mom's neighbor's dog, and often comes by to visit. This picture was taken with an old point-and-shoot, which Belle didn't mind.

She hated the camera I have now and ran away from it. Literally. As soon as I took it away from my face she'd come back.

Spuds Mackenzie. He's 5 years old. This is my boyfriend's dog, but actually started out as his dad's dog. Chad's dad got Spuds as a birthday gift to himself, but it soon became apparent that Chad was the one Spuds stuck by. When Spuds first came to the family, I was less than thrilled. I was definately younger then and didn't know as much about dogs as I have learned in the 5 years since. I guess you could say Spuds was my inspiration. I didn't like Pitbulls, thought they were mean, and was convinced he would eat me in my sleep or something. Wow was I wrong. I am so glad Spuds came into our lives because he has taught me more than many people ever could. He was taught me to accept, love, and be open. He taught me to question things, wonder why, and never take the easy way out. He taught me that not only are Pitbulls NOT viscous, but are actually some of the smartest most amazing dogs I've ever been around. It goes with the whole "you just have to be around one to know" kind of thing. Because of being around him I have a passion for helping other people know just how great this breed is and just how Inaccurate or misleading the media is. He has a big spot in my heart, now and forever.

Kado is Chad's sister's dog, but they all live together. So he is technically Spud's and Shadow's cousin! I'm not sure where he came from, but he is keeyoooote! (As StellaStar would say!) He is one of the more high strung dogs I've been around, and actually reminds me a lot of a dopey adolescent lab. He turned 1 in February. Kado is inpirational too- He had parvo as a pup, and at the time his family couldn't afford to keep him admitted to an animal hospital. He had to be taken care of at home for the parvo. It was such a scary and sad time, seeing the once bountiful Tigger-like puppy not even wanting to move. Much to everyone's amazement, he bounced back within days- Thanks to the medicine from the vet, gatorade, baby food, and...a plate of ham that actually made him wag his tail!, he lives to see another day. It really was special seeing him pull through something so many dogs cannot.

And finally, SHADOOBBYY!!!!!! Or Shadow...

She is also my boyfriend's dog, technically "our dog" :) She just came to us in January of this year, and is one month older than Kado. A mutual friend of ours told us about Shadow's situation. She had a family, a home, a nice life. And for whatever reason they decided they had to "get rid of her." I'm not sure why, that's all they said. They also said they couldn't find a home for her. The only person who offered to take her was a questionable man who mentioned using her as a "bait dog" for dog fighting. Don't even get me started on that tangent.
So our mutual friend called Chad desperate for help. Shadow came to visit, just to "see how things worked" with her and the other dogs. I think it's easy to see she fit right in. Her and Kado are inseprable, and Spuds is kind of like the pervy old man who tries to get in between them, hehehe.
There are many funny things you come across when rescuing a dog who picked up habits before coming into your life. For example: Since the day she came to Chad's house she's been keen on helping people pick out's really funny even though we probably shouldn't laugh at it. She even stole someone's slipper right off their foot and just sprinted away with it. It makes me wonder how much shoe gnawing her old owners let her do.

I hope this helps you understand a little better who I'm writing about and how I fit into all their lives.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Excerpts From the Photo Archives

It's Sunday- It feels like a weird time to be blogging, as I have a Master's Program final to work on, laundry, etc. etc. But here I am! I was looking through recent photos that I haven't posted yet, so I decided to create a cornacopia of sorts...
A dog we call smiley

and a smiling dog (you haven't seen Kyla for a while!)

and her sister Kasey, both Border Collie X lab mixes

Here's Kasey being regal...

and Spuds being, well, not so regal.
I like to sniff couch.
It makes me feel grooooovy.

This one's a little more flattering.

...Daisy in progress

*Make a Wish*

"Honey I Shrunk the Kids" -How many of you have seen that movie about a hundred times?

So, if you haven't figured it out yet, my thought process is somewhat like this blog entry- all over the place. So as a goodbye, I'm going to suggest you read one of the blogs I have posted on mine that I like to read (thanks to Three Woof and a Woo, that is)- Nicaragua Redux: The Sarna Chronicles. It's about volunteers who help some of the dogs in Nicaragua who need people the most. And her trip is just beginning, so check it out!