Monday, May 11, 2009

Michael Vick

With all of this talk of Michael Vick getting out of jail soon and whether or not he will be back in the NFL, the dogs were getting a little agitated. Naturally, I felt the need to treat them to something great!

Michael Vick poster before:

I asked them if they'd like to, err, have this poster. Shadow doesn't play with toys much so she really didn't give a crap, but the boys on the other hand...

Yes I want it! ...Hey, where'd it go? (Natural Curious George moment)

I got it I got it I got it!


Wait, you said we could do this, right? He is our biggest enemy after all.

I chomp Michael Vick!

I stomp on Michael Vick! I crush him like little bug!

...I spit on Michael Vick!

I think they feel a little better about all the news now.
Poster after...


  1. Get 'im, Kado! I love the chompey-bitey picture! Michael Vick could stay in jail for the rest of his life, for all we care...right doggies?!

  2. Hey Pooches For Peace! It's your lucky day because I'm awarding you an award! The rules and stuff are on my blog :)

  3. Yay! Thanks for the award, woohoo! Yea, we don't care about MV :) (I like the chompy one too, it's cool how "Vick" is right where he's chomping hehehe

  4. Brilliant idea! Any chance your pooches will be there to meet him when he is released? ;)

  5. Life With Dogs: Hahaha, I doubt it. Maybe I should make sure he gets the link to this post!

  6. I LOVE THIS POST! I think you should put the pieces in the yard for them to...errr....well, you know...piddle on too!

  7. BCxFour: I like the way you think!