Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Private Investigator - Spuds Mackenzie

The name's Spuds. Spuds Mackenzie. I'm on the hunt for a big, ragged, mean, strong- STICK!

I know he's around here somewhere. I can sense it.

I thought I smelled him..If I could just reach a littlllee farther
Is this him?

Derrr, nope. Just a relative.

But I think I just caught a wif oh him...FREEZE!
Don't you move, Stick. You're being taken into doggy custody for breaking your family's limb

Look Uncle Mike- I got him!

Thank you doG for giving me stickz. I guess I could play with him for just a sec...
Whooaa! He's heavier than I thought!

Woohooo! (This is not tough exterior has been broken... and I'm completely top heavy!)

Ah crap, I've been caught. Does this count as harboring a fugitive?

Don't judge me. Stick and me are friends. Best friends.

I will whap you with him if you come any closer! I dare ya, go ahead and try
After all, what could be better than a stick?

P.S.- Pray for better lighting in Ohio so I don't have to have any more greyish looking backgrounds... :)


  1. I'm lovin' your spectacles, Spuds! You look totally groovy in them!

  2. StellaStar: Spuds says thanks! His daddy gave them to him.

  3. Does Spuds have any other cool disguises? Just wondering.

  4. You may see another one come easter...