Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Camera Part 2

Here are some of the other photos I took the first day I had my new camera. Still messing with settings, of course. This is the Kado and Shadow series...

While taking these I realized my camera is definitely limited in zoom capability. The pics started off kind of far away.

I was sure they were coming to me so I could get some close-ups:

They must have seen the camera because they quickly decided to "juke" me, suspicious looks and all.

K: That was a close one! What the H*ll is that thing in front of her face?

S: I don't know, beats me. Hahaa, yea we got her!


Wait up Kado!

*Evil tone* I WILL get you Kado, you wait...

AHHH! Bat dog attacks!

S:I will get you where it hurts!
K: Heyyy get out of there!

. . .


Alright alright already...

S: Hey...wha-what are you doin'!?

Whoa! No sniffing zone!

What's wrong with your face Kado? Are you part Shepard part long-tongue-syndrome now?

Women make boys do funny things, eh?

WWE Smackdown: Shadow style

I will fake bite you- No! I will fake bite you!

Kado always keeps one ear out for Shadow...

At the end of the photo session they were pooped (notice Kado's tongue)


Here are a couple of the other photos I really liked from the day:

Why are these dogs so happy? Because they have great people who care about them, regardless of their breed! Unfortunately, not everyone is educated about how great Pit bulls are.

Justin Timberlake was recently on Oprah and talked about the Pit bull he and Jessica Biel have. Oprah and her co-host made remarks like "Aren't you scared?" and "Don't they just snap?"

If you are a responsible dog owner, regardless of breed, please write Oprah a nice professional letter about how dog owners need to be responsible. Irresponsible, neglecting, and abusive owners are the reason for dog incidents, not breeds themselves!