Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm Slackin'!

So...I keep forgetting to bring my camera places. Darnit! This means when Spuds and Kado went swimming I had to use my cell phone to take pictures. Sorry! Spuds is 5 now so he's been swimming for a while. Kado on the other hand, the 1 year old, wasn't so sure what to do.

I'm goin' in!

Whoa! How does he do that!?

Maybe I'll just walk the edges for a while...

Nicceeee and safee...

Da du na nu! Stick!

Not Fair!! I'm jumpin' for it!

...Getting his barings?

Give me stick!


S: Let.go.
K: YOU let go!
S:I'm not lettin' go!
K: Well I'm not letting go either!

Needless to say, Spuds got it away from him and hid it here...


  1. Sneaky Spuds! I love that last picture! Spuds is like, in commando mode hiding behind that tree!

  2. StellaStar: It was so funny how Spuds hauled this huge stick up onto the bank, then it broke in two, and then here comes Kado trying to take it from him. Poor Spudsy can't get a break from the hyper adolescent.