Sunday, April 5, 2009

Every Dog Needs a Blanket

Spuds, Shadow and Kado got blankets! I decided to do something nice for them, so i went out and got some material to make them each a knot blanket.
What is a knot blanket you ask? Well, you pretty much buy some fleece or other material, cut slits all around each side of the material, and tie the slits together! (It will make more sense when you see one..unless of already have seen one)
What? We get blankets? Hey guys, we get blankets!
Where are they?
Are they in the recycling box?

Are they out there?

I think they're this way...

eeeeeee, I'm confused

*Head explodes*

Relax guys, I'll show you where they are.

You will??!!

Da da-nu-na!

Oh hai, my nickname is Curious George. I once scared all the humans because there was a huge "acme knot" (think cartoons) on the top of my head and they thought I had cancer or something, bahahaaa. Turns out I just hit my head one too many times from standing up under tables.

Cheatin' for treats

Where are those treats? I thought they were up here somewhere...


Mmm, that was so worth the jump.

I love my blanket!

If she can cheat for treats SO-CAN-I!

OoOoOhHh, I found ooonneeeee

K: Yeaaa, blankets!

S: He is soo weird...

Spuds: OhMyDog I love my blankettt
Shadow: Seriously, what is wrong with these boys?

Can I have Spuds' blanket?

How about Kado's? They don't really need one...


Hey lady, remember: Nobody takes nuthin' round here but me.


  1. Awww! Cute blankets! And I love the picture of Spuds's chinny-chin-chin! Cheaterheads! (Still love em!)

  2. StellaStar: Heehee, yea his cheater pics are my fave <3 Glad you love them!