Tuesday, April 7, 2009



Chad and I took Shadow to the vet yesterday because her left eye always gets gooky and has a lot of tears. We thought maybe she had a scratch on the inside of her eyelid or something...
The vet said she has ENTROPION. Doesn't that sound scary? It's not really that scary...
It just means the dog's bottom eyelid curls inward, which can cause all sorts of different problems and be uncomfortable. Luckily Shadow's is a very mild case, so we're trying medicated eye drops in hopes that it won't get worse (because surgery would be next!!)
Other than that, the visit went really well. Shadow befriended a lady in her late 60's (i.e.-sat up next to her demanding head scritchins the whole time we were in the waiting area). She happily greeted every dog who entered the place (i.e.- whining at the top of her lungs and wagging her butt so hard I thought it was going to fall off).
I was able to snap a few pics with my cell phone, and by the looks of them you would never guess she had such a good time...

Heyyy, I thought we were here to make friends. There's no friends in that thing!

Put the light in my eye one more time and I'm gonna eat it lady.

I have no idea why she looks like a deranged monkey here. This is how the humans saw it...
By the look on her face you'd think this is the way she saw the situation...
Guys...I-I--I think there's something behind meee.....*Shiver*
(Don't let her fool you, she enjoyed her lovins more than a crack head with a fix, heehee)


  1. Shadow, I'm sorry there aren't any friends in the eye-searcher. Rufus will be your friend. He had his eyes looked at on Monday, too. Only he gets 'roid cream for his "Boston Terrier eyes". No surgery for him, thank goodness. Watch out for that scary ghost! I think his name is GIMP.

  2. Shadow here- I think I heard the humans talking about that GIMP character! What a jerk head.
    Rufus sounds nice! I think I saw a picture of him once and thought I finally got to have my very own mini me...but the humans said no! Apparently you already own him or something?