Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't Believe the Bull- Pit Bulls Rock!

Commonly referred to as a “pit bull” dog:
American Pit Bull Terrier: 85.3% passed
American Staffordshire Terrier: 83.9% passed
Staffordshire Bull Terrier: 88.0% passed
Average: 85.7%

Other breeds in chart:
Golden Retriever: 84.6%
Labrador Retriever: 92%
German Shepherd: 83.7%
Mixed Breed: 85.4%
Border Collie: 80.6%

Scores as of December 2008. As you can see, “pit bull” dogs do great in temperament tests!

The point of this is not to say that pit bulls are “better” than other breeds, but rather to illustrate how inaccurate of an image has been portrayed of pit bulls.

Go to http://www.atts.org/index.html to see more breeds’ scores, to see how many of each breed were tested, etc.


  1. happypitbull: I accepted your comment but I don't see it on here... Thanks for the information! I will read up on HB79 :)

    StellaStar: You know it! Yay

  2. Brilliant post - don't you get tired of people buying in to stereotypes and hype? I have met many great Pit Bulls...

  3. Life With Dogs: Thank you for the comment. I do get tired of that! But that's why I'm here I guess :)