Monday, March 16, 2009

Bad Owner Ban, Anyone?

Meet Spuds.
What are you lookin' at? Do my lips look funny? I've been trying to tell everyone how great Pit Bulls are. I think I need some water.

I completely hate the idea of breed banning. The only thing that can result from breed banning is another breed to be targeted. Individuals who give dogs like Pit Bulls bad names will not be stopped by a law telling them to stop. If that worked they wouldn't be, for example, breaking the law by dog fighting!!! I'd like to ask the individuals who come up with ideas like breed bans what they're really thinking. If you visit you will find plenty of cool stuff that says "Ban the deed not the breed". I could not agree with them more. (They also have lots of great dogs for adoption!!)
Simply trying to outlaw a breed of dog will only cause people to do underground breeding or find another breed to fight. When it comes to Pit Bulls, they are not simply dangerous dogs. They don't have magic jaws that only unlock by their teeth touching, they aren't bullet proof, and they don't have a gene to tell them to hate people. Seriously? Anyone who believes these types of things about these dogs must also believe the terminator exists in the real world.
Even during periods of being bred for fighting they had to be bred to be extremely loyal to humans. How else could the owner break up a dog fight without being attacked? They are arguably the most loyal dog one can own. They are no more likely to be aggressive simply because they are Pit Bulls. They are one of the least vicious breeds I have ever had the pleasure of being around!
Most of the time, as with any breed, bad owners are the problem. There are so many people out there who fight their Pit Bulls or raise and TEACH them to be aggressive. Many times there are people who teach dogs in general to be aggressive because they want a "guard dog" -for example, we've all seen plenty of stories in the media of drug dealers who happen to own a dog that is aggressive. Do people really think the dog grew up magically knowing it's owners were drug dealers so the dog magically knew to be mean to law enforcement and other strangers? NOOO guess what? someone taught the dog to be that way! *GASP*
So the point is, Pit Bulls are an amazing breed one could be lucky enough to own, and anyone who abuses this right needs to pay the consequences instead of the breed itself. Those who think up breed bans appear to be simply looking for an easy solution to ease the minds of people who know nothing of the breed other than inaccurate media coverage displaying all of one breed to be "bad." Throughout the years different breeds have been targeted by the media, and it is now Pit Bulls that are the main scapegoat for bad owners. Here is a link to a copy of a bill in progress right now in Ohio.
Write our government officials to tell them why breed banning is a bad idea! It's a shame.
This topic wears me out! Goodnight!

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