Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vick's Dogs!

*Sniff-sniff, sniffff sniff sniff sniff*

Yes? Ok, Good. I have something special to tell you so I get to write the whole blog today! I'm shadow and I want to tell you about something greaatt!!! There is a blog that's all about Michael Vick's dogs- you know, the ones that some people thought could never be in homes and all that? Well they ARE in homes! And they are so cool...

*Sigh* I wish I could be friends with the Vick Dogs. I'm their biggest fan...

But I love humans too, see? This is me with one of my faves. I guess they'll do for now!

I almost forgot- the website to see the blog is:

It talks all about their lives now and how happy they are! I can't believe some people actually wanted to kill them just because some mean guy owned them for a while and made them do bad stuff. The dogs' humans let them write the blog, but they said their humans talk about human stuff at It's a really cool place to go if, ya know, you like that human kinda thing. You can learn a lot about Pit Bulls like meee!

(P.S.-I think I have a crush on Uba. He's the cutest ex-Vick dog ever!)

Shadow- get off my computer! Little rascal... She is right about how great these websites are. Kudos to Bad Rap for a job well done.


  1. Shadow, I think you're cute too, and you look a bit like me. I'm sure we would be friends, especially if you like to bounce and jump and leap and zoom and crash into things!

  2. Uba,
    My specialty is WiGgLiNg! Humans call me wiggle worm a lot. What's a worm anyway? I sometimes wiggle so hard I fall over! But I do like to bounce and crash into stuff...especially my unsuspecting buddies..!!