Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mad-Scientist Maggie

So, today is my first post. I want to introduce you first to the mad-scientist dog I happen to know. Keep in mind, the first few are cell phone pictures (bad quality but still fun!). Without further ado, Maggie's first adventure:

I came in my room to find the beast sleeping on my pillow... Magggiieee?

She soon began waking... Whatcha doin'?

Awww Nuthin! Whadya wake me up for?!

And you see the reason for the "Mad Scientist" title. But a startling wake-up isn't the only time you can catch the MSM side of her...

I'm using my high tech camo skillz

(Just because you can't see us doesn't mean we can't see you Maggs.)

And here she uses her balancing-on-boat-sniffing-the-air-butt-in-Kasey's-face skillz. (You'll be properly introduced to Kasey another time.)

MSM Glamour shot

and my personal fave, MSM Full frontal...


Her Mad Scientist skillz are so developed she may pop up randomely in the middle of future posts...

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