Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holidays are busy!

I haven't really had time to read all the blogs, I need to catch up! Chad got a camera phone. It takes really small pics, but cute nonetheless! So I wanted to share some. I will be sending off our "thank you" package to our furriends in Texas soon, probaby after the new year. Until then, here are some random pics of the dogs :)

They're so clingy. Are your dogs like that?


Chad sent me this picture yesterday morning. "Drive careful!"

HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! Tiene un año prospero!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Package Fun!

Hey, you guys got a package!

Shut up, no we didn't. I'm soo not fallin fer that one.

No really, you did. It's from our pittie furriends at Kissa-bull blog. Look!

Oh my doG we did! It's even addressed to us!

Spuds decided to get a closer look.

Hmmm, wut do we have here. Sure smells yummy!

The first thing we saw was a Christmas card. The pooches enjoyed that. If you couldn't tell, they were very much in the Christmas spirit, what with their hats and all.

How nice of the pittie pack!
Mmmm, this luks perfect fer me!!

Mine mine mine mine mine! Luk wut I got!

Ooooh, there's one fer me too!

I think she kind of liked this bone. I'm just sayin....


She was sure to not miss a crumb. The pooches were so excited about all the cool stuff in their very first package!

Here's all the stuff they got. Shadow was supposed to be modeling next to it but she was a little occupied stuffing her face! :)

Of course Kado had to join in on the fun too! He ate the third bone, then Chad decided to try out the toss-n-tug, which is the blue toy in the pic. Kado lloooovvess to play the most. He gets really enthusiastic and bounces reallllyyy high!

Mmmm, stuffy!

Why do I have to be sooo.short. Ugh!!

Shadow couldn't catch the ball so she opted for Kado's ear instead.

Spuds tried out the treats in the yellow box, and approved!

Thank you Brinks, Bella, Coco, and Guero for all the cool stuff!!

To top off their Christmas spirit-fun package-yummy stuff- day, it snowed! Shadow was sooo excited!!

Thanks again to our furriends for all the great stuff :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


Our fabulous fun package from the pitties at http://kissa-bull.blogspot.com/ came in the mail today! I'm not with the pooches right now, but pics and more to come as soon as I get the camera out and let them open it! Woohoo! In the meantime, we're getting our "thank you" package ready for them!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


blankets! See the hole in the wall in the background? Spuds used to stay in Chad's room while everyone was gone because he doesn't really do well in a cage. He NEVER had a problem being in Chad's room but one day something must have freaked him out or made him stressed or something...because he tried to tunnel through the wall. Sigh...lol

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Do you have a treat fer me?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holidays and Giving

Hi all! I hope your Thanksgiving week was wonderful. I'm happy to say for once, I didn't feel stress this holiday, I didn't feel rushed around, and it was drama free for me. Christmas is just around the corner now...and I feel like the past few days have been all about trees!

Chad and I have been together for a long time now, but have never gotten a real tree together, just had fake ones put up. So, on black Friday, the search began for our first real tree. (I recently discovered picnik.com so I edited these next few pics on there.) There were so many to walk through and look at...

And eventually we found one! We're standing in front of it now so you can't see it...

But here it is, the light one in front. I don't think it's actually that light of a green, but just the lighting in this picture...It's a Canaan tree. The needles feel like rubber so you can decorate without gloves. :)

What does this have to do with dogs, you ask? Well...nothing really...but I do have fun dog-related stuff planned for this post too!

Anyway, then we were driving to a local mall and saw this view ahead of us. See the evergreens in the shadows? Christmas is in the air.

Then we get to the mall and it's already been decorated! It was all lit up and it was chilly outside and the horse drawn buggie things with sleigh bells ringing were all around the streets. It was so pretty.

Ok, done with that now :) Onto dogs!

Villalobos Rescue (The Pitbull rescue on the show "Pitbulls and Parolees") is having a blanket drive. I found fleece throws at a local CVS for $2.50, so I bought a bunch to send out to the pitties in California! I'll post a pic of the blankets I got soon, they're still in my car (story of my life...). Shadow managed to sneak one away from me, and proceeded to chase her blanket-covered tail. She's never done that before. It seemed like she was trying to figure out what the heck it was under the blanket, haha! Here's the genius in action:

Last week I was at my parents' and happened to look out the back door to see something that made me smile. Two of their dogs, one of which you've met on the blog (Kasey, the bigger white and black one), were having the time of their lives playing together. Because there are so many unhappy dogs in this world, I never take for granted a chance to see happy dogs, with no greater worry than how long they'll get to stay outside and play. It warms my heart, so I thought I'd leave you with my cell phone video of them. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Look What I Got!

My dad sure does know me well. I had a birthday recently and this is what he picked out from badrap.org!

I'm pretty sure this is the same sweater I blogged about wanting but he doesn't even read my blog....so, good job Dad!

Wordless Wednesday (Nueve): 8 year anniversary

(Completely not dog related...sorry)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paw It Forward

Ok I was a little confused about the rules of this at first but here it goes. Dozer at http://dozersblog.wordpress.com/ just did a Paw It Forward game and I was one of the winners! Here were the rules:

"1.Get a present frum sumone fer Paw It Forward.
2.Post about it on yer blog.
3.The furst three peeple or dawgs or wutever who reply to yer Paw It Forward blog post will git a present frum you. It kin be ennythang and doesnt have to be fancy.
4.Those three peeple or dawgs have to start at number wun. "

Those rules are in quotations because they are straight from Dozer's mouth. If you think he "talks" funny just check out his blog to see how much funnier it can get!!

Now what Dozer did was instead of sending the PoochesForPeace a present, his mommy donated to the rescue of my choosing! So I'd like to kind of do the same thing. The first 2 people to reply to this will get to pick a non-profit place that likes pitties for me to donate to, and the 3rd person to reply to this will get a present! For the places I donate to, it will probably only be about $10 because I am a non-profit worker myself/graduate student so I don't have much money to spare at the moment! I will give my email address to the winners so you can email me more info!

Aaah, Sunday

On Sunday, Shadow says "Do what you love!" ....and she happens to love eating socks.

Mmmm, socks. (Sorry crappy cell phone pic!!!)

Kado loves flirting with his crush...

While Maggie prefers to practice her camoflage skills...or something.

And Spuds prefers, well...

Wait, what are we talking about?

I like to...uhhh... paw Shadow in the face yea!

Whatever it is you love to do on Sundays, I hope you got to today!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Why yes, I really did use that as my title, but this post is truly a bunch of different stuff! We've been busy little bees lately.

Big kisses! I have missed being in the spotlight...er...I mean, all the readers soo much!

He wanted to make sure I put that pic up for everone...don't mind him, he's a little full of himself sometimes :) But Shadow knows just how to bring him back down to earth:

Shadow: Stop being full of yourself!!

Kado: I can do whatever I waaannntt!!

Shadow: Alright, that's it. I didn't want to embarrass you, but...TACKLE TIME!!!!

After being tackled by the smallest dog in the house and completely falling off the couch....

Oh. My. Gosh. Can we pretend this never happened? Please don't tell anyone?!

But she's not always tough. She actually had the hiccups the other day, so Kado's mommy said "BOO!" really loud and made Shadow jump, then her hiccups actually went away! Ha!
Aww geeze! Why'd you have to tell everybody I got skeered? I was lookin' all tuff after tacklin Kado. Blog Lady is sure having fun embarrassing us all toonite!

I said I'd try to take a "fall in Ohio" pic, so here's what Ohio looks like right now. The trees are getting more and more bare, so soon it will be a greyish blue world :(

Halloween went well too! Spuds didn't want you to see this...he was dressed as a black cat that actually ended up looking more like a playboy bunny. I think I heard Spuds telling Kado he was the next Hugh Hefner. Hmm...

And our pumpkins were pretty saggy by the end of October. We were planning on carving more but never found the time.

In other news, I'm trying to write a novel, just kind of as a hobby I guess, and I recently reached the 20,000 word mark! Well on my way, and I'm pretty excited about it!
And my brother got to open for an old 70's-80's rock band called The Godz last week. My brother likes to play more acoustic guitar stuff, so I thought I'd share a video of him playing one of his originals from last week. If you click on this link it will take you to the Youtube video!
Hope you all have a great week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Brutus' That's Ridiculous" Contest Entry

Ok, http://brutusthefrenchie.blogspot.com/2009/09/our-centennial-post-and-contest-to.html(Click the link to find out more) Brutus the Frenchie is doing a really fun contest where you show a ridiculous thing you do for your dogs!

Chad and I weren't sure what to choose for this contest, but all of a sudden Chad had an 'a-ha!' moment. Mama Day! Here's our picture of Spuds getting fed at Mama's dinner table:

Chad and I have been together for 8 years, and since I've known him (and well, really since he can remember) his Mama has had a huge Sunday dinner every week (excluding vacations of course). If you walk in her house on a Sunday you'd think it was Thanksgiving. Her dining room table easily seats 10 people, but there are always anywhere from 10-20 family members there. Mama and Papa's house is the place for all family get togethers.
Well, lets just say Spuds knows when it's Sunday. It's like he has this internal clock for it. Ever since Spuds was a puppy he's been included in this tradition. He comes every week and gets to walk around the dining room table for everyone to feed him. Everyone is just as worried about making sure Spuds is fed as they are about feeding themselves, and Spuds walks in the kitchen when he's full and waits for Mama to get him his bowl of water. When family pictures are taken, Spuds is in them. We don't have kids, so he's in all the 'family pics' of me and Chad. He comes to every Christmas there to open his presents and wade around in the living room full of wrapping paper. He always gets a piece of cake when birthdays are celebrated. If Mama and Papa are on vacation Chad and I have to go to Bob Evans and bring him back pancakes or he's depressed all day, whining at the door to go to Mama's...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is Anyone Listening To Me?

Dad....daddy...DADD!!!! Are you dun with the fone yet?

Yes? Heyyyy!!! I have to ask you sumthin! Herrro?

Pssst. Ur scar luks funy. I was trying to ask daddy about it but he's too busy.

What do you guys think? It doesn't really look that funny, just wondering what you all think about that little black dot in the right (if you're looking at it) end of it.

P.S.- Something funny has been happening to Spuds in this halloween month...